White Out

The fundamental problem I have with white nationalists could be expressed in a simple observation: Whites were in charge for centuries. Why did they let things go to shit?

Pretty much every cause of contemporary Western cultural degeneration I can think of was invented by whites. Capitalism. Banking. Liberal democracy. Women’s rights. Atheism. Science. The Enlightenment. America. Modernity. Modernism. Postmodernism. Multiculturalism . . .

Multiculturalism is actually the backwash of white, mostly Anglo, colonialism and the Christian sentimentality it spread throughout the world.

I’m not morally judging white nationalism. To me, white nationalism’s great fault is that it exempts stupid people from reckoning what they have contributed to their own undoing.

I’m a European, but my loyalty is not to any particular race or nation. I’m loyal to an idea of beauty that goes back to the Greeks. Once upon a time, America claimed affinity to that ideal, but it was a superficial affinity, quickly overwhelmed by America’s real affinity to hucksterism. The result has been an ever-accelerating uglification of the landscape, the culture, and the people.

What would happen if by some miraculous means, whites were to “take back” America? Does Trump look like a champion of beauty and classical taste?

I’m sorry, but America today is what America was destined to be: a ghastly, misshapen excrescence of the European Enlightenment and Anglo Protestantism. There will be no recovery.

But if humanity is lucky, somewhere, somehow, a new civilization cruelly intolerant of ugliness will arise and flourish for a time. By contemporary standards, it will be alien. But not because of its color.

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