The Brutal Phallus

The Unexamined Brutality of the Male Libido” would be worthy of examination if the exercise wasn’t yet another occasion for a “sensitive” male to put on a display of self-flagellation calculated to titillate The New York Times’ bluestocking readership. As with all outbreaks of sexual hysteria, the current crusade against sexual harassment is itself obscenely orgiastic. Nothing is allowed to get in the way of the sadistic enjoyment of the destruction of careers and reputations, not even the customary presumption of innocence.

What is truly unseemly about this feeding frenzy, however, is not so much the fury of the roused harpies as it is the lameness of the male response. As James Howard Kunstler noted a while back, the seeming triumph of feminism in this country testifies to a failure of American manhood.

Men capable of affirming their virility would not recoil from the “brutality” of their libido. They would stand up to own it.

The will to dominate defines manhood. It is the reason why “gender equality” is unachievable. Equality between the sexes would require nothing less than the wholesale extinction of the male sex drive, which is always directed toward conquest. But the extinction of the male sex drive, were it even feasible, would also mean the extinction of all its sublimated forms. It would mean the end of civilization itself and a reversion to a stagnant amoebal existence bereft of even the capability of signification, since that too is predicated on the phallus. In Babylonian myth the emergence of cultural order from chaos is synonymous with the subjugation of woman. The ascent of woman must then be construed as a reversal, a presaging of civilizational collapse.

Men who cannot affirm who they are and what they desire are tired, useless stock living off the diminishing legacy of their forefathers. If American males have lost their mojo, they will soon enough succumb to hardier specimens. The concurrent hysteria about Russian meddling gives an indication of from which direction the “barbarians” are expected.

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