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Class vs Identity

Could it be stated more clearly:

Our identity is the least important thing about us. And yet, it is the thing we have become most committed to talking about. From the standpoint of a left politics, this is a profound mistake since what it means is that the political left — increasingly invested in the celebration of diversity and the redress of historical grievance — has converted itself into the accomplice rather than the opponent of the right. Diversity has become the left’s way of doing neoliberalism, and antiracism has become the left’s contribution to enhancing market efficiency. The old Socialist leader Eugene Debs used to be criticized for being unwilling to interest himself in any social reform that didn’t involve attacking economic inequality. The situation now is almost exactly the opposite; the left today obsessively interests itself in issues that have nothing to do with economic inequality.

Only one quibble: The “Left’s” preference for pseudo-diversity over economic justice is not an oversight or a mistake. It reflects the reality that since the late ’60s, the “Left” has been captive to the interests of entitled, social climbing yuppies, the perfect exemplar of which is Hillary Clinton. It’s not a bug but a feature.