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Pervert Self-Effacement

Only a monstrous egotist like Foucault could so assiduously promote a philosophy of self-effacement bordering on self-eradication. The reason is not that complicated. What is sought under the guise of self-effacement, of authorial extinction, is a God-like invulnerability. Self-effacement becomes a means to deify a monstrous self, a self so vastly inflated that it is no longer “personal” but has achieved the impersonality of an Olympian.

I’ve run across such personalities a few times in my life. Invariably, it is an unpleasant experience. What you’re up against is someone who ceaselessly proclaims his egolessness in order to make his caprices into “objective” laws for others. The ruse is always that what he wants is not what he wants but what is ordained from on high, by history, by logic, by aesthetics, or whatever seemingly objective, disembodied authority he is selflessly aligned with.

Anytime you encounter such a person, you are dealing with a pervert. “Selflessness” is the hallmark of perversion.