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Snowflakes Don’t Last

Nassim Taleb is smart enough not to spell it out, but the concept of antifragility is profoundly conservative. The antifragile is what lasts, and more than that, the antifragile is what defeats every attempt to extinguish or deny it. In Lacanese, it is what insists, the relentless, constant pressure of the drive. Fashionable ideas, enthusiasms, hysterias: these are the things that come and go.

In this context, we can think of modernity as an arrogant revolt, a humanist attempt to emancipate humanity from human nature with the help of technological magic. This is what underlies every modern calumny against tradition. Modernity is the promise of emancipation. In a peculiar way, the slave resentment that Nietzsche detected in Christianity has only become more virulent with the secularization of Christian moralizing into the doctrine of “human” rights.

Only now, after modernity’s complete triumph and entrenchment, does it begin to become evident that the constraints it imposes are actually worse than those of patriarchal tradition. Only now does the radical unnaturaleness of modernity and the harshness of the measures needed to sustain its “emancipations” begin to register, revealing the paradox that modern emancipation is predicated on totalitarian social administration, that liberal ideas can only be realized as illiberal impositions.

Specifically, today it becomes ever more clear that the protection of wholly artificial, gender-emancipated snowflakes requires nothing less than the eradication of masculinity.

This is not going to happen.

For one thing, modernity itself has conditioned us to find value in what is socially proscribed. Thus, at some point, we can expect the stigmatization of masculinity to turn on its head. An early indications of this is the rise of the populist right, congruent with the growing realization that feminism is the priggish ideology of a privileged elite.

But even if the Western elites have their way, the demolition of Western masculinity can only be prelude to the West going under, to the profit of other more vigorous, unrepentantly virile civilizations.