A disordered society in which men have grown too feeble to rule women, inevitably produces an epidemic of misshapen, unrealized women. This is bad enough in itself. But what’s worse is that such a society eventually must also produce an ideology that makes a virtue of ugliness. Disorder is rationalized as diversity. Ugliness is rationalized as emancipation from the strictures of male domination. Delusion is celebrated as enlightenment.

And, yet, this nonsense never really takes root. Beauty and ugliness produce involuntary responses. No quantity of Dove commercials can turn cows into swans. Ideologies that attempt to “redefine” beauty to make it a more “inclusive” category themselves acquire the taint of ugliness. They seem forced, artificial, risible. Feminist.

Desire imposes aesthetic hierarchies. It manifests as pure, indefensible prejudice: her, not her.

Conversely, the abolition of aesthetic hierarchies requires the abolition of any manifestation of desire. This is why liberals resemble gray, unsexed zombies. Gender neutrality is death. The battery of desire requires polarity not equality.

Equality is noxious to fantasy. It is equally noxious to sexuality and aesthetics.

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