Per James Howard Kunstler:

The tentacles of Wokery have reached into every last compartment of American life now, more effectively even than the Covid-19 corona virus. Wokeness emerged on the scene in 2014 when the feckless teenager Michael Brown was shot to death by police officer Darren Wilson upon arrest in Ferguson, Missouri, an event that kicked off the Black Lives Matter movement. The moral panic BLM ignited proved to be a spectacularly effective device for repelling the truth of the situation, and many more like it, which was that Michael Brown resisted arrest, fought with, and menaced officer Wilson before getting shot.

The Woke moral panic that proceeded from this effectively suppressed two truths about police relations with Black America: 1) that Blacks committed crimes against life and property at a disproportionately high rate to their percentage in the US population, and 2) that the number of unarmed black people killed by police was statistically minuscule, and in most cases involved people resisting arrest or fighting with police. As the 2016 election approached, the Democratic Party realized it was in its interest to cultivate the Woke moral panic so as to marshal the Black voting bloc so crucial to victory at the polls.

With the help of their allies in the news media and the coddled faculty ideologues on campus, the Democrats fed this moral panic until it grew into an historic mass hysteria every bit as insane as the witchcraft hysterias of the Middle Ages in Europe.

All that is undoubltedly true, but insofar as the Democrats represent a certain type of elite, a hipster elite if you will, what is it precisely that disposes them toward this brand of hysteria? Is it simply opportunism? Why has the liberal American elite developed an obsession with tearing down white men? Why would the very whitest of people want to eradicate whiteness?

It might be that the fervor of elite anti-whiteness comes from the need of an arriviste White elite to assert a clear class demarcation between itself and the deplorable white masses, from whom this elite is but one or two generations removed. A good portion of the Woke must be kids who went to college and now consider themselves the moral and intellectual superiors of their parents. For this cohort, Wokeness is a display of sophistication and rarity.

But what role do Blacks play in Woke fantasy? Why are Woke Whites so obsessed with identifying with Blacks?

I think the answer to that question, or at least a partial answer, resides in the exalted place the primitive has enjoyed in the European imagination as compensation for what Europeans felt they lost when they dispensed with their own "superstitious" past and became enlightened rationalists, empiricists. and utilitarians. The Woke worship of Blackness could then be viewed as the latest updated version of European primitivism, which formerly fixated on the creative vitality of "savages" and is now entranced by the transgressiveness of Black gangster culture.

Because primitivism is an inverted racism, like racism, it totalizes its object. If for a racist, Blacks as a group can never do right, are always up to no good, to an antiracist racist, Blacks as a group can do no wrong. For the former, Blacks are always the aggressors. For the latter, they are always victims. The positions differ but the logic, and the blindness, is exactly the same.